My standard day rate is $100 (up to 6 hours) plus $20/hr for each addition hour. This includes help with load in, set up, tuning, me on (or near stage) during your set or in the studio tending to/tuning your drums when needed as you record, and tear down/load out. If you are interested in hiring me for a longer project or tour, please contact me so that we can discuss rates.

If you are interested in consulting, advice, or a “house call” (as described in the tech service section) please contact me with any questions you may have. My standard rate for a complete re-heading, tune up, and maintenance “lesson” is $100 plus the cost of drum heads. If your drums need attention in terms of parts and/or repair beforehand, please contact  me so that we can discuss what is needed before getting together. I am able to supply or source parts at very reasonable prices.

Free “Set Up Teching” is included with all equipment rentals. “Set Up Only” teching for sessions and live dates (load in, set up, and tuning) where your own equipment is provided, is a flat $50 fee.