Tech Service

Williamson Street Drumworks currently offers two distinct services on the “drum tech” side of things:


  1. A professional service to professional musicians who need drum tech help for one-off live dates, in the studio, or on tour.

  3. Consulting, advice, and a “house call” service to musicians (beginner through professional) who would like to take a little time to learn more about how to re-head, tune, and generally maintain their drums so as to make them sound and perform their best.


As I mentioned in the about section, I have been recording and touring since I was 15, and have been collecting/repairing/restoring vintage drums since just shortly after that. I’ve spent a lot of time getting various types of drums to “sound good” in a lot of different environments from run-down basement rehearsal spaces to multi-miliion dollar studios and gigantic echo-laden concert halls. I feel like my experience is a valuable tool that I am now able to offer to others in the form of this drum tech service.

As a professional “drum tech” my goal is to make the artist as comfortable as humanly possible behind their drums–no matter what situation they are in–with an instrument that sounds and feels exactly the way they want it to feel while they are performing. As a teacher, my goal is to offer my expertise in order for the “student” to gain understanding of the mechanics of the drum set, ways in which to approach getting various sounds from it, and the necessary maintenance that should be done in order to guarantee that it continues to function at a high level.

For more information, please check out the rates section and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!