Repair & Restoration

I love drums that have been beaten up, neglected, and left for dead. Sometimes it’s a serious challenge (all part of the fun), but no matter how bad they look, they can almost always be brought back to life. The character of a well aged set speaks volumes to me as a player and vintage enthusiast. If you are in the market for drums (especially as a beginner), used drums always make your bank account feel better. With a little work, and some new heads, they can sound (and look) as good as new.

In terms of vintage drums, some of the best stuff ever made in this country remains hidden away in dark, dusty corners of people’s basements just waiting to be discovered by someone who appreciates timeless quality. My goal as a vintage drum restoration enthusiast is to bring these drums back to as close to “factory correct” as possible, and to put them back to work making great music with great musicians. If you have an old set that needs a facelift, or something that you would like to see completely brought back to life, please don’t hesitate to drop a line.

No matter if you are looking for used drums on a budget, have drums that need repair work, or are considering a full restore on a vintage kit, I want to offer my services. I have done everything from consulting, basic parts sourcing and repair, to major vintage restoration projects including re-wraps, edge work, and acrylic repair. Many of the drums you see in the backline rental section were projects of mine over the past few years. I have a ridiculous amount of parts (vintage and new) on hand (or just a phone call away) that are just waiting to bring your drums back to looking and sounding as good as the day they left the shop, and in a lot of cases, better!

Please check out my rates section and let me know how I can help!