About Williamson Street Drumworks…

Williamson Street Drumworks is a Madison Wisconsin based vintage back-line rental & professional drum tech service specializing in high quality vintage (and modern) drum rentals, drum tech services, restoration/repair, and sales/consulting for drummers interested in timeless, quality products at reasonable prices.

My name is Adam Cargin. I am the Owner/Operator of Williamson Street Drumworks. I have been playing, collecting, repairing, and restoring drums for over 15 years. In addition to my passion for all things vintage drum related, I have performed live, recorded, and “drum-teched” with many talented people world wide. My drumming can be heard on many releases by bands and artists that I have performed with over the years, and the drums that I have repaired and restored can be heard on many more, Im sure. As a drummer, I love playing everything from classic country to punk rock, and Ive been lucky enough to get to see a lot of the world by doing just that. Currently I am playing live and/or recording with Kurt Baker, Blueheels, & Whitney Mann, but I am available for shows and tours with other artists as well. I am also available for recording sessions at Blast House Studios here in Madison, WI or really anywhere else, as time allows.

When it comes to drums, I love what modern companies have been able to do for those looking for a virtually endless palette of tones from different species of wood, shell thicknesses/construction methods, shell depths, bearing edge styles, ply layups, and drum head choices. It’s truly amazing what the industry has done over the past 25 years in terms of sonic engineering, and those advancements should be celebrated by drummers worldwide. However, when it comes down to choosing an instrument that speaks to me personally, time and time again I have come back to the tones of instruments produced during what some might call “The Golden Age of American Manufacturing” (the 1920’s thru the mid 1970’s). For that reason, I consider myself sort of a”specialist” in the arena of vintage drums.

Is it the old growth wood? The type of glue they used? Was it the “more wood/less glue” approach to shell construction? Slightly thicker shells with less plies? Is it the bearing edge styles? The reinforcement ring styles? The overall visual style? Did some of these instruments just happen to age well? To me, all of these aspects combine to create that indescribable feeling one gets sitting down behind a drum set that witnessed the birth of rock n roll, or took part in the big band, swing, or bop Jazz eras. Every company was slightly different in their construction methods as music evolved over this period of 60 years, and certain company’s drums were more popular among certain genres of music depending upon the era. These subtle differences create a pretty wide variety of classic tones that are attainable depending upon the drums you are playing and the sound you are going for. If you are into these old drums, Im sure you will agree that a 60’s 6 Ply Gretsch set sounds nothing like a 1960’s 3 Ply Ludwig set. They are both amazing, but in their own ways.

Era aside, it is my goal with “Williamson Street Drumworks” to provide top quality instruments of choice to drummers that are coming through Wisconsin and the surrounding areas on tour or for recording sessions. I have a pretty wide range of drums available, and I am adding drums all the time. I offer free “set up drum-teching” with every rental. No matter if you are looking to backline a single snare drum or multiple drum sets, I will arrive at your soundcheck or session at a specified time with your drums, and work with you (or your drum tech) to make sure everything is as close to perfect as possible for your performance. If you just need the drums for a few hours or for an entire week of drum tracking, we can work out an arrangement that gets the most out of your rental. If you don’t need drums, but would still like a professional drum tech to work for you, please check out my drum tech rates. I have a lot of experience both live, and in the studio.

In addition, I am offering a drum repair and restoration service for people who have drums that need some work in order to sound their best. Wether that means coming over to your house for a re-heading and “tune up and maintenance lesson” for a drummer who is just starting out, repairing/restoring a neglected snare drum, helping you to find a reasonable deal on a quality used drum set for you or your child, or completely rebuilding your “swiss cheesed” 1960’s Ludwig kit with original parts and a new wrap, I am excited to offer my expertise. Drop me a line and lets talk about your project!

No matter what your needs are, when it comes to drums I am always excited and willing to lend a hand. That is what Williamson Street Drumworks is all about. Please take a look around the site and let me know how I can help!

-Adam Cargin (Williamson Street Drumworks)