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Things have been pretty wild around here lately. Today we are celebrating the release of “Drum Forge 1″ which is a sample library designed for recording/mix engineers that features a large portion of the Williamson Street Drumworks drum collection past and present. If that sort of thing interests you, then be sure to check out

That said, we would like to start this little update by extending a massive thanks to everyone we had a chance to work with over the past year or so–especially Joel Wanasek and Joey Sturgis who came to me with the idea for “Drum Forge” last fall.  2014 is off to a great start, and again, we are looking forward to another exciting year of rentals and restoration projects! Its been awhile since the site has been updated, so below are some news topics that are split into sections to make it easier to take it all in:


Williamson Street Drumworks is proud to announce that we are now offering real African goat skin re-heading of rope tensioned djembe hand drums. If you are interested in having us re-head (or tune up) your drum, please drop a line to for a quote.


We have had more and more requests for modern drums lately, and as a result, we have added an awesome 1983 Yamaha Tour Series kit to the roster (not the new rock tour series). This kit is very similar to Yamaha’s “Recording Custom” line which is considered one of the best studio sets ever produced. Some say the tour series sounds even better, which I would actually agree with. I know a kit from 1983 sounds kinda old to some people, but around here we consider that modern! In addition, a “Williamson Street Drumworks” maple kit with smaller sizes and super thin shells is currently in production in-house, so keep an eye out for that. As always, a basic hardware package comes with all kit rental, and extra hardware and cymbals are available at a small up-charge depending upon your needs.


Lately we have had a few opportunities to work on other vintage related projects, and as so as a result we have decided to part with a few snares/kits and add a few others. These new additions include a 1957 WFL Club Date kit in “Green & Gold Duco” for all you Packer fans out there, and a 1940’s Slingerland Radio King set in a crazy, beautifully faded gold sparkle.  We also recently finished up a 1970 Rogers Powertone kit in 22/12/13/16 that is not yet featured on the site. There are also a handful of other things in the works that will be announced when they are complete.


Kits come and go here depending on a variety of factors. In order to represent the drums that have been let out to pasture over the past few years, we have added a “gallery only” section to the backline pages. These sections will serve as an online archive of drums that we have offered in the past, as most (especially the vintage stuff) were restoration projects that were completed in house, and they stand to serve as a great example of our services here at WSD.


We have added a couple cool tube amps to the amplifier rental roster. Soon we will be adding a proper “amplifier” section to the site’s drop down navigation above that will include pictures and specs similar to what we have in the drum sections. Here is an updated list of what is available on that front:

-1990 Marshall JCM 800 50 Watt 1×12 combo
-1962 Gibson Falcon 1×12 19 Watt combo
-Modern Fender Deluxe Reverb 1×12 combo
-1970’s Fender Super Reverb 4×10 combo
-Modern Fender Blues Deluxe 1×12 combo
-Modern Peavy Classic 30 1×12 combo


-Adam (Williamson Street Drumworks)



Williamson Street Tube Amp Works?

It’s true! Williamson Street Drumworks is expanding our backline to include some nice tube guitar amplifiers in addition to all the nice drums that we offer. Please email for an up to date list of what is available. If you would like to rent something for a session or a show, pricing is a flat $75 per day for amp rental no matter which amp you choose. At this time, our stock includes:

•Fender Deluxe Reverb (Standard)
•Fender Deluxe Reverb (Blonde)
•1970’s Fender “Super Reverb”
•Peavy “Classic 30″ Tweed
•Fender Blues Deluxe Tweed

The rest of summer numero uno turned out great for WSD. We got to work with Dan Nichols @ The Olin-Sang-Ruby Institute, the folks at ETC Lighting Solutions in Middleton, we did a session with Madison’s own Catch Kid at Blast House Studios, a couple of sessions with two of my favorite engineers in Madison TJ Pauley & Lonya Nenashev over at Dacha Studios/Red Square Audio, and we even got a chance to backline a show @ Monona Terrace for a group of Virologists who were in town providing some good ol fashioned rock n roll tunes for the finale of the annual ASV conference. On top of all that craziness, I got married in August to my best friend, and the number one coolest lady to ever walk the earth: Jess Plavicki. What a summer!

This fall I am celebrating the release of a new record by my band Blueheels which has been a long time in the works. It is entitled “Weather Machine” and you can pick up a copy HERE if you like. I also played a few shows around the mid-west last week with Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts. They are a great band and a bunch of really nice dudes, so check them out if you haven’t yet.

Last, but certainly not least, this fall I am celebrating the release of two new albums that I contributed drums to by the world’s number one party animal & instigator of good times: the one and only Kurt Baker. A 45 single entitled “Want You Around” came out on August 28th on Jolly Ronnie Records, and the LP entitled “Brand New Beat” will be out October 30th on Collectors Club Records. The vinyl will be done by Jolly Ronnie Records here in the states and Torreznetes Entertainment in Spain.

Those Williamson Street Drumworks t-shirts and stick bags are still in the works, so keep checking back for updates on that front if you are interested! Ive also been keeping my “personal items for sale” on Ebay and Craigslist well stocked as of late, so if you are in need of some cool vintage drum gear, then click around in the Garage Sale section.

Thanks for stopping by!


-Adam (Williamson Street Drumworks)



Summer 2012!!!

It has been an exciting first few months here at Williamson Street Drumworks to say the least! We added some great new (old) snare drums to the vintage rental section, and did a handful of small restoration projects (including getting a great sounding 1966 Slingerland 20/13/16 set in “Sparkling Champagne Pearl” up and running again for a close friend). Soon we will be adding some new drum sets and snare drums to the modern rental section, so keep checking back if you have an interest in modern drums!

The spring and early summer were very busy with backline events. We got a chance to work with some extremely talented artists including a show at The Five Club with international pop sensations Neon Hitch and Thomas Fiss. We provided drums for an evening at The High-Noon Saloon with West Africa’s “Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars”, and we did guitar/drum backline for a show at Monona Terrace with a great Celtic band from Oregon called BROTHER (as seen on NBC’s hit show “ER” and UPN’s “Twilight Zone”). We also did some work with bands through Capital Brewery in Middleton, and The University of Wisconsin here in Madison.

Im taking off for a couple of weeks (June 24th- July 10th) to play some shows down in the Southeastern United States with Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts. Check for all the details on that front. During my absence, my partner in crime Chris Sasman will be handling all backline rental drop off and pick ups. If you need anything you can still contact me through info@williamsonstreetdrumworks and I will work with you and Chris to make sure everything is taken care of in a timely and professional manor.

Happy Summer everyone!

-Adam (Williamson Street Drumworks)



Welcome to!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the official “Williamson Street Drumworks” website! My web designer/friend Christian Andrew and I have been spending a lot of time getting the site together over the past couple of months or so and we are excited for people to finally get a chance to check it out!

As you will see as you click around, there are a lot of cool drums to look at (available for backline rental for sessions/live dates), and a handful of helpful services that I feel my experiences with drums (and the music industry in general) over the past 15 years have qualified me to offer. Check out the about section to learn a little about my philosophy when it comes to drums, and my history as a drummer, drum tech, and vintage restoration enthusiast.

There are a couple of sections of the site that aren’t quite finished, so you might run into a couple of minor roadblocks, but I assure you they will be complete very soon. We will be offering some T-Shirts, as well as “Stickbags” in the store section (featuring our new logo), there will be a section featuring an opportunity to listen to (and purchase if you like) “select releases” that I have played drums on over the years, and there will be a handful of new (to me) vintage drums that will be added to the Backline Rental section in the near future.

Things will no doubt continue to grow and change slightly around here as we get rolling, so please keep checking back for the latest news from Williamson Street Drumworks. If you are a social media fan, please check out the right side of the page here, and feel free to “Follow” us on Twitter or “Like” us on Facebook. We aren’t spammers (we’re drummers), so we know you don’t care what we are eating for dinner or what we are watching on YouTube, so we won’t bother you with every little thing. We’ll only be posting to let you know about the most exciting news.

Thanks for stopping by!

-Adam (Williamson Street Drumworks) 4/5/2012